Tyres generating power would be brilliant for doing burnouts. So the more your tyres spin the more power is generated thus recharging the battery which is powering the electric motor which assists in doing the burnout. This is the worlds first self perpetual burnout technology!! Fucking genius. » 3/10/15 1:41am 3/10/15 1:41am

Actually neither the Commodore or the Falcon have separate frames. The Commodore is simply a ute version of the sedan and even retains the IRS. The Falcon has frame rails and a separate tray but the rails are welded into the cabin structure so is cannot be considered to have a "body on frame" like the F150. It does… » 2/13/15 6:03am 2/13/15 6:03am

For all the people who are whinging about this vehicle not coming to the States. There is one very good reason and that is a total lack of legroom, especially in the front. I am 184 cms or 6 foot and my knees are jammed into the dashboard. You see that photo of the dash, the seats have been removed. Trust me on this,… » 8/25/14 10:03pm 8/25/14 10:03pm

I visited Brunei back in 2006 and on my first day I spotted an Holden Commodore SS. I thought that was a bit odd because largish four door cars with 5 litre V8's and five speed manuals are uncommon in most Asian countries. Over the next few days I discovered that Brunei has an excellent road network with almost no… » 6/09/14 10:41pm 6/09/14 10:41pm